Your storytelling performance was excellent and I have heard numerous comments about your skill and style from our faculty and members of our University board. As a storyteller myself, I was delighted by your presentation style and selection of stories. Many of our students had never heard an oral history/family story approach to storytelling and were delighted to discover that storytelling is not limited to children’s stories.Thank you for the excellent and professional workshops you presented on our campus during the spring semester.

The writing workshop was right on target with your assumption that our students had a basic understanding of writing effectively and so you did not recap information they already knew. Your approach to writing stories was well explained, thorough and most helpful. Our students felt you met them where they were in the process of writing and focused on the skills needed to turn their writing into stories.

 Belinda Thomson, Brescia University

Owensboro, Kentucky


 A review by Graham Williams

by Saundra Kelley, 
oral traditionalist and author

This third book by a master oral storyteller from the mountains of Tennessee

is loaded with thought-provoking stories interspersed with poems. They serve to

invoke surprise, laughter, tears and inspiration,  to engage the reader throughout

and to stimulate insights.

In the telling and dispensing of her wisdom, Saundra Kelley's authenticity, powers

of observation, love of nature, understanding of the human condition and compassion

for people shine through. Her vivid, colorful descriptions transport you right into the

scenes, ambiences, and emotions. The Day the Mirror Cried is offered in three parts:

Reflections in story, Southern towns and odd memories and Rumination. It is in part

autobiographical. The intriguing story titles promise much, and deliver. Titles like

The Day the Mirror Cried, Night Call, Ultimate Orgasm, Laugh at the Moon No More,

The Last Cypress Tree, Broken. town life, relationships, our world views and our

views of self.