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 Storyteller from Jonesborough, TN

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The work of a storyteller is about the Journey - who and what we are as human beings.

Our stories define us, help us explain the world and provide light in the dark places of lige

  Saundra G. Kelley


telling Curious tales of wisdom and enchantment in spoken word or written page to thrill, delight and sometimes give you a fright!

Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Saundra Kelley combines writing with that of oral tradition storyteller. A graduate of Florida State University, she literally fell into storytelling heart first with her work at Big Bend Hospice. Catching stories as folk departed this earth, leaving them not only in her hands, but in her heart, demanded she tell those stories as well, and thus began the journey into storytelling.
​ Moving to Jonesborough, TN, known as the storytelling capital of the world, she earned an MA in storytelling, joined the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild, and set out to write and to tell stories. Reverence and appreciation for mother earth are a part of every story she creates. Kelley is the author of three books: The Day the Mirror Cried, a collection of short stories and poetry; a romantic suspense novel, Danger in Blackwater Swamp; Southern Appalachian Storytellers: Interviews with Sixteen Keepers of the Oral Tradition, and a spoken word CD, Legends of the Wild: Tales of North Florida.  She is also honored to have a chapter in the Florida environmental anthology, Between Two Rivers: a Red Hills Project edited by Susan Cerulean, Janisse Ray and Laura Newton.